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The Stimulus Pad has a tremendous number of potential applications in the world of physical rehabilitation and orthopedics. Many patients are living with chronic back pain that is caused by prolonged sitting especially with improper sitting posture. The stimulus pad can be used to combat poor sitting posture as it gently positions the individual’s hips and back into a proper alignment without any excessive force or restraints. I find this product can also be utilized by patients that use a wheelchair or other mobility device to create comfort, relieve muscle tension and pain, and increase air circulation between the patient’s back and the back of the chair. The Stimulus Pad applies a very even and widely diffused pressure along the back which offers not only therapeutic benefits, but is also very comfortable and easy to use by anyone.

Irina Levin MS OTR/L Licensed Occupational Therapist, Brooklyn, NY


As a physical Therapist with over 15 years of experience I have encountered many patients seeking relief from chronic lower back pain and muscle tension. Most patient’s back pain stems from work related or lifestyle factors such as prolonged sitting, poor posture, and improper lifting techniques.

I have personally tried the Stimulus Pad and I can say with confidence that this is a good product. The Stimulus Pad works by applying pressure via a three-point of contact mechanism that presses onto the user back in long and even strokes. The three point extensions apply light and even pressure along the lower and middle back to relieve muscle tension as well as providing a comfortable cushion while the user is driving or sitting in a chair. I feel that using the Stimulus Pad may help relieve back pain and feeling of stiffness or muscle fatigue and I would recommend this product to my patients.

Yuri Emdin DPT Licensed Physical Therapist. Staten Island, NY


Sitting in an uncomfortable, slouched position for prolonged periods of time can cause as well as aggravate preexisting back pain. Back pain may even be worse for those who drive for a living. Stimulus pad is a wonderful way to improve sitting posture while driving. Good sitting posture helps maintain the alignment of the spinal curves whereas poor posture places stress on surrounding muscles and ligaments. In addition, when maintaining such posture for prolonged periods of time the lumbar discs can get pushed backwards and compress the nerves of the spinal cord causing pain. The stimulus pad helps maintain the users’ back in an upright posture. I use the stimulus pad in my car as I commute to and from work every day. While I'm driving it helps me maintain an upright posture instead of slouching in to the car seat. In addition, while seated against the stimulus pad, it provides long stroke deep skin massage over a large area of my back.

Lana Petrosyan, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy
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