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The Stimulus Pad works without the use of electrical power.

  • Most massaging devices on the market need to be plugged into a power source, Stimulus Pad does not.

  • They are not portable and require additional electricity costs.

  • The Stimulus Pad does not need batteries to work, making it light and extremely portable.

The Stimulus Pad applies a light diffuse and even pressure along the breadth of the lower and middle back.

  • On the other hand, other massaging devices apply an excessive amount of pressure over a limited area which may become uncomforable and even painful over time.

  • For example, other devices such as the wooden massage ball pad, feature a flawed design because the balls do not move independently of each other and often apply excessive pressure doing more harm than benefit.

The Stimulus Pad is created using the highest quality materials.

  • Features a simple durable design that offers the benefits of a much expensive item, but is afforable to anyone

  • It is carefully hand assembled from specially selected materials that will work no mattter what the environment is for many years.

Provides relief from long term back pain and offers muscle tension relaxation.

  • By sitting back into it, user experiencences a proper sitting posture with the benefit of a massage.

  • Use the stimulus pad over a prolonged time to decrease need for pain medication and enjoy a more pain free life.

US PATENT: 6,368,294 B2   EU PATENT: EP1347728

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