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The Stimulus Pad is a patented breakthrough product that features 151 individually attached extensions. 

  • These extensions move independently to cradle and massage each person's unique contours creating a sense of extreme comfort and plasticity along the back.

  • Extensions or "Massaging Fingers" give you the feeling that there are 151 fingers massaging your back. Every time you sit back, be prepared for a great masseause to ease your tensions away.

  • It applies a light diffuse and even pressure along the breadth of the lower and middle back providing a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The Stimulus Pad works without a power source. It can go anywhere with its light and portable design. 

  • The Stimulus Pad 151 extensions expand radially 120 degrees from each other and massage your back.

  • We designed the Stimulus Pad so that it will offer the most soothing massage experience right in your vehicle.

We designed it using the best materials for any environment.

  • The base of the Stimulus Pad is made of the highest quality materials. It is a medical grade silicone material that performs the same way in hot and cold environments. Do not worry of it feeling "too soft" in the summer or "too stiff" in the winter. Every time you sit back to the Stimulus Pad, rest assured it will feel great!

  • By using a silicone material, the Stimulus Pad conforms to the present seat you are in. Adjust it how you like with your current lumbar zone levers. The Stimulus Pad will fill in the lumbar zone even if your vehicle doesn't have the best lumbar zone support.

Additional benefit of the 151 extensions is the creation of a 1 1/4" space between the users back and the chair. 

  • Allows for air-circulation 

  • Keeps user cool in the summer months and prevents persperiation.


US PATENT: 6,368,294 B2   EU PATENT: EP1347728

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